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潮汐锁相行星的气候与宜居性 (2019.04.24)
Exoplanet atmospheres in the view of low- and high-resolution transmission spectroscopy (2019.04.17)
Disc reflection in low-mass X-ray binaries (2019.04.15)
Blue stragglers and other stellar population mysteries beyond the Milky Way (2019.04.15)
Turbulence and non-thermal pressure in galaxy clusters (2019.04.15)
Mapping the stars, gas and dust in nearby galaxies (2019.04.15)
Geminga周围介质性质及对宇宙线正电子超出的影响 (2019.04.08)
Testing general relativity using X-ray reflection spectroscopy (2019.03.29)
Giant Molecular Clouds in the Lenticular Galaxy NGC4429 (2019.03.25)
Data-Oriented GRB Research and the Gravitational Wave GRBs (2019.03.25)
MUSEQuBES CGM Surveys: From Low-z Star-forming Galaxies to High-z Lyman-alpha Emitters (2019.03.19)
Compact Object Mergers (2019.03.11)
Self-consistent calculations of Comptonised spectra of extended AGN coronae in Kerr spacetime (2019.03.04)
Shipborne GNSS Contributing To Ocean Observing System(船载GNSS在海洋观测中的应用) (2019.02.19)
接触双小行星(4179)Toutatis的形成机制研究 (2019.01.19)
Demystifying the Diverse IR SEDs of Type-1 AGNs from z~0 to z~6 (2019.01.14)
Black hole accretion in the present-day and early universe (2019.01.14)
Hydrogen and Helium Absorption-Lines in Quasars (2019.01.07)
A Good Hard Look at Cosmic Supermassive Black Hole Growth (2019.01.04)
星震学的黄金年代 (2019.01.02)
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